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The first 3 days - 200 mg per day;

The next 4 days - 400 mg per day (which means you should take 400 mg for 4 days).

Dinitrophenol or DNP  is a bad word between body builders. Bodybuilders are using this chemical to increase their metabolism by 50% and raise physical body temperature by several degrees . When someone looks at the hot flashes that come with ECA (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin stack) use, and the boost of the metabolic process is only 3%, the real power of DNP starts to be realized.

In the beginning, DNP was being used as an exploding substance, and after was introduced by Dan Duchaine. DNP is very popular in underground circles and extremely prohibited in over-the-counter supplement. In high-level muscle building, DNP is utilized to facilitate advanced athletes lose a lot of weight in a really short amount of time. A lot of fitness trainers and body-builders are against it. Even so, when thousands of dollars in profits are on the line, it is unknown how many professional athletes decide to use the DNP route to lose fat quick.


Beside of growing hunger and burning off a heck of a lot of body fat, DNP gives a couple of negative side effects, which are likely better known than the favourable side effects. Human brain damage and death could happen from the overheating. At a fever of 104 , we run to the hospital because we want to keep of  brain injuries. DNP will raise your body temperature by a few degrees, too much DNP, and you will die. It is so simple….

Cancer is some other fear. DNP is a phenol, which means it releases many free radicals into the body. The effects of these complimentary radicals, the chemical compounds that cause cancer, are unidentified because there have not been many reports made on people utilizing DNP, because its usage is commonly secretive.


Muscle-builders complain of sweating, discomfort, irritation, and insomnia. A curious side effect is yellow body fluids. None knows why this takes place, or just how severe it is. We only know that people release yellow fluids when using DNP. Remember that it was once used to fire up TNT. Numerous bodybuilders (almost 12%) have allergic reactions making the drug useless. Other muscle builders find themselves eating a lot.

DNP is an underground drug. For dieting intentions, ECA and Clenbuterol are better for the risk-benefit analysis. DNP is a shortcut for fast loosing in body fat, something that the healthy bodybuilder keeps off. DNP is a dangerous drug that should be avoided by most of the bodybuilders.

Timetable of Effects and Symptoms of a DNP Cycle

DNP CYCLE Day 1 -None; possibly elevated carbohydrate cravings and/or temperature elevation.
DNP CYCLE Day 2 -3 conversion has begun to decrease; lethargy possible. Temperature should be elevated, and radiation of heat is noticeable.
DNP CYCLE Days 3-5 - Body temperature is elevated, with all the effects that one expects from DNP use. In addition, water retention usually becomes manifest here.
DNP CYCLE Days 6-10 - Definite water retention, along with other symptoms of use; user most likely feels fatter due to having "flatter" muscles (mainly the result of glycogen depletion) and holding water. Final DNP dose taken in the evening of Day 10.
DNP CYCLE Days 11-12 - DNP is clearing the system slowly. All symptoms are still present.
DNP CYCLE Days 13-14 - Water should be gone by now, or getting there. Mild diuretics will expedite this. The user will probably notice perceived greater cardiovascular and muscular endurance.
96 Hours After Final Dose - This is when someone tends to look their best. Their glycogen stores are usually compensated at this point and the retained water should be gone.